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A n i m y s t i c
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As a recording artist, producer, and creative director at I.AM.LIFE MUSIC, my focus is music as medicine.


Born from a musical family of R&B/Gospel singers, raised & immersed in California's psychedelic/spiritual cultures, and inspired by over 25 years experience working with plant medicines, I combine elements of science & shamanism with multiple music genres to create music that's been dubbed, "soulful-ceremonial" - that's close enough.

At this point in my life, everything I create and offer is motivated by a commitment to the elevation and expansion of human consciousness... or something like that.


Being in "right relationship" with plant medicines teaches us to be in right relationship with ourselves and the world.

What most motivates my participation in life, besides brining beauty into it, is the idea that the most lasting, sustainable way forward for humanity is bringing together the best of indigenous and modern world views: our knowledge, wisdom, and technologies - a union of ancient and new understandings that accelerates the evolution and expansion of human consciousness.

From my experience, responsible, intentional, ceremonial, and psycho-spiritual therapeutic use of plant medicines and entheogens consistently offers all the above, helping to heal our shared historic ancestral traumas, restoring our sense of connection, and, as my lifelong friend, Sunny Solwind, says, "cure us of stupidity".

why "P l a n t  m e d i c i n e s"
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