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KALYANA was      written on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand during

a seasonal storm to an existing track by Peruvian artist, Herbert Quinteros, "Universo De Amor". I heard the name/word in the wind rushing through the

room. As it turns out, it's a Thai word, with Sanskrit roots, that translates to:

"beautiful, lovely, auspicious, happiness, well-being, heaven".


It also turned out that Herbert Quinteros, who I'd never met or contacted until I returned home from the Thailand, was on the island, roughly the same time I was. Magic is real.  


wind song


written/performed by

Tony Moss


Herbert Quinteros

Beautiful Chorus

produced by

Duke Mushroom

(percussion, bass, add. vocals)

mastered by Jim Kissling


art direction/choreography: Tony Moss

filmed/edited by Pasha Teplo

animation by Manny Mazaira

production manager: Shireen Jarrahian

lighting design: Ruben Diaz/Hero Prod

stylist: Chun-Mui Miller


Grant Buckerfield w/ Pasha Teplo


Tony Moss

Haize Hawke

Miranda Rondeau

David Daniel Brown

Siri Khalsa

Ivy Lee


Duke Mushroom

Herbert Quinteros

Shireen Jarrahian


Special thanks to Michael “Mogli” Vincze for ongoing enthusiastic support and encouragement for the manifestation and fulfillment of this project

To my beloved LuvAmp project . Forever Grateful

I.AM.LIFE... you are life

To Malka Lew for inviting me to Thailand to receive this song from the crystal island of Koh Phangan

To David


I love u

Photo of Haize hawke by shireen jarrahian

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